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Posted On October 28, 2011

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Dear Khun Win,

It was lovely to meet you all on Sunday and hear about the great work you’re doing there. You’re a very inspiring group of people and I hope that we can all work together in the future.

 I’m sending you on some resources that might be helpful in your work. The attachments above are related to the Books forThailandscheme ran by the Asia Foundation. They are contactable on

The following is a message that Khun Burin of the Foundation sent me:

 You’re most welcome to come to Books forThailand(BfT) and choose from our inventory any time during banking hours (08:30-15:30, M-F). Please bring a letter from FRY appointing you to select on their behalf. We ask that you take only one copy per title, but there’s no limit as to number of titles or number of visits. Think of us as a trickle of books, though, not a river, since we go from kindergarten through grad school, in all areas of study. You should call Khun Amorn first, to make sure that she’ll be in when you come. Her number’s 02-652-3301.  We get five shipments per year, so ask her when the next shipment is. Any way, since you’re inBangkok, drop by often – we keep putting new titles on the shelves.

 If you are interested in obtaining materials and books in Burmese go the If you email them and tell them about your organization I’m sure they will be happy to donate resources.

 For more support in English language teaching I have lots of websites for you to check out. There is a good video training series here called Shaping the Way We Teach English ( which would be useful for you to look at. There are several other online courses at

Finally, we wonder if were interested in working for an NGO. Unfortunaetly we have very limited funding here so we could offer you just a small paid position. However, we do have funding for a translator intern for 5 months. The role responsibilities would include translating documents from thai to English/Burmese. The intern would also be responsible for teaching Burmese to our staff members and the children in our school. A living allowance would be given to the  intern each month and accomadation would be provided above our office.

I don’t know if you are interested, as it would only be for five months, and after that there would not be any further paid position here. However, if you are interested please let me know. I’m already in discussions with Burmese students in Mae Sot who are interested in the position, but we could consider your application also if you want to submit one.

If you need any more information on anything I sent you today please let me know and I would be happy to help.

All the best,


VSO Volunteer


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