Brief background history                              

       Khun Win was born by Pa-Oh Ethnic parents Khun Zaw + Nan Khin Kyi. There are eight people in the brothers and the sisters, he is the third person among them. His primiry education was finished at Naungkar Sub high school, Taunggyi township Pa-Oh administrative zone 6,southern Shan state Myanmar. And high school graduated at International Language & Business Centre Known as ILBC, Shwegontain Yangoon Myanmar. Since then, Myanmar, with its decades-long military dictatorship, is an extreme example of those countries which fall short of even the basic notion of democracy,  and where the most egregious human rights violation occur. He migrated to Thailand for career opportunity by his own way.

Training experience

In Myanmar, He had ever been trained English language at UMA,  Bawatit U Aung Kyaw, U Win Naing private course etc…   In Thailand, He had ever been trained English language & Computer science at AUA private school in 2001 in Bangkok Thailand.  Intensive College Foundation course “ICFC” in 2004 at Chaing Mai University Thailand, Organizational management & migrant law in 2007 in Nonthaburi province Thailand. Occupational safety health & the environment and first aids in Lopburi Province Thailand. English, Thai, Burmese three languages interpreter training in 2008 Phisanulok province Thailand  etc..

Job experience

Working at the hotel as a position of receptionist for 3 years ,  Working at NGO as a position of project coordinator at Pa-Oh Education Project for five years, Working at Labour Culture Centre as a position managing director for 2 years, For the time being, Working at Human Resource Depertment as a position of Labour Relation & Development Officer and at Pa-Oh Education Project as a general secretary.


He helps to translate document and interpret it from Thai to Burmese, Burmese to Thai, English to Thai, Thai to English  for other organizations. We had translated documents from Thai to Burmese for Satainakosok foundation on Tsunami hit reconstruction project in southern Thailand and had interpreted from Thai to Burmese for satainakosok foundation with Mettha non-government organization from Burma on attending leadership training in Bangkok. He had translated documents from Thai to Burmese for Thai labour campaign.

Character & Hobby

              He likes living happy go lucky fashion. Strong-minded and faithful. enthusiastic and perseverance. He likes playing football, volleyball, Chinlong, playing guiter and singing. and he also likes planting flower, vegetable and tree etc…

Contact address


Mr. Khun Win “General Secretary”

Pa-Oh Education Project

No, 36. Nawamin 10 Rd. Bangkapi 10310

Bangkok Thailand

Tel: +66(0)27346399   Mobile: 089 6896425

Email: khunwin79@gmail.com                www.paoheducation.wordpress.com

Monday to Saturday

Mr. Khun Win

“Labour Relation & Development Officer”

Human Resource Department

V.T Industries.co.,Ltd

No, 3. Moo 4. Chaibadan Lopburi 15230 Thailand

Tel: +66(0)36 643171   Fax: +66(0)36643253

Email: personnel07@vt-industries.com     www.vt-industries.com

Head Office

                           Mr. Khunwin

“Human Resource Development Officer”

No, 602/40-48 Sathupradit 48 Rd.

Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 Thailand

Tel: +66(0)22941133,      +66(0)229411245

Fax: +66(0)22941133,     +66(0)22941124-5


Community development work



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