Languages and computer course

            From 2004 to 2011, Our main activities are teaching English,Thai and computer internet to migrant workers who had lack educational opportunity in the past. There are around 30 language students and 7 computer students come to take study every year. After graduating from our course, the academic year celebration are taken place and we offer educational certificate to graduated students. finally, we find better jobs for some of them and another are sent to any institute for further study since Thai government now introduces education for all and the others are working as staffs in our office. And then, another 37 new students are accepted to enroll for upcoming academic year. We accept only 30 students per term to take study since our centre can hold maximum just 37 people. So, accepting amount of students is limitation.

                               Migrant workers assistance

     We help migrant workers who get in to trouble such as they are being trafficked, raped, physical violated, no payment by the employer, extorted or blackmailed by the police etc.. The way to help is that we accumulate the information from the victim and the sources and we coodinate with profissional organization who activities relate with it from our network. And we also assist victims caused by act of god such as by eartquake, tsunami, cycolone nagis, flood etc… The way to help is raising fund and metarial needed from our committee and member, from community, from other organization and from donors who are interested in it and we arrange the requirement for them such as foods, water supply and medical treatment and so on.

                                   Conservation culture

                  We conserve and promote traditional culture by celebrating national day and culture festival every year since our organization have come into being.Various of organizations including news repoters are welcomed to attend and celebrate together with us. The activities are included traditional music, singing, dancing by putting on one’s tradional dresses. Making seminar concern with the problem that most migrant workers have to face nowaday and the way to solve it. Bangkok Pa-Oh national day yearly magazine has also been published since 2004 until this year.

                                      Access to migrant news

       We update and share migrant news by publishing pamphlet and distribute it to them periodically. The news are included the date of new round registration for migrant workers and the way to process it. The date to extend work permit and procedure to be done it. The do’s and the don’t’s of rule and regulation of migrant workers. Migrant update law authorized by Thai government. We share links that about migrant rights and social welfare and the news that is should be known by migrant workers.

                                            Done as volunteer

         We help to translate document and interpret it from Thai to Burmese, Burmese to Thai, English to Thai, Thai to English  for other organization. We had translated from Thai to Burmese for Satainakosok foundation on Tsunami hit reconstruction project in southern Thailand and had interpreted from Thai to Burmese for satainakosok foundation with Mattha non-government organization from Burma on attending leadership training in Bangkok. We had translated from Thai to Burmese for Thai labour campaign.

                           Career opportunities

        We have just extend our activities for career opportunities in 2011. Students are given training how to make hand-made towel, blanket and bag and are also given training how to produce dishwishing liquid. Around 20 students had been trained already and around 15 students are under training.


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